As technical consultant of the German Ship Safety Division, I create reviews regarding technical and functional conformity of life-saving appliances according to international and national codes of IMO LSA CODE.

For the German Flag I carry out surveys / inspections on the basis of the guideline on safety regulations for sports craft used commercially for training purposes.

For accident investigations, I write complementary expert reports for the German Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation (BSU). Focusing on advisory activities is in the areas of ship stability, functionality and lifesaving means.

In addition, I conduct independent accident investigations.

My appointments:

  • Technical consultant for the German Ship Safety Division , BG-Verkehr, EC-examination review process according to Directive 2014/90/EU.
  • Consultant for the German Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigations, German public organization THW, the German Navy (BAAINBw) and various federal agencies.